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About The Herd


Registered Name: Trinity’s Solly
Born: June 21, 2005
Breed: Norwegian Fjord
Color/Gender: Brown Dun Mare
Eagle Mount Tenure: October 2022
Ownership Status: Leased

Athena adores food and her best friend Beauty. Athena is a versatile horse in our program. She is in a variety of classes and has proven to be a dependable mount. She can be a hungry hippo but listens well.

Black Beauty

Nicknames: Beauty, Beauty-ful, Beauti-licious
Born: 2010
Breed: Percheron X Friesian/Appaloosa
Color/Gender: Seal Brown Gelding
Eagle Mount Tenure: August 2016
Ownership Status: Leased

Beauty’s favorite things are food and the soccer ball. He loves to pick items up in the arena and knock other things over. The soccer ball is like a magnet to Beauty, drawing him in, whispering to come play. We can always rely on Beauty to tell us where he wants to be scratched. Beauty is gradually being trained to drive and is lift trained.

Bella Rose

Registered Name: Shadow Makers Bella Rose
Nicknames: Bella, Potato, Wombat
Born: April 19, 2012
Breed: Miniature Horse- American/Falabella cross
Color/Gender: Red Roan Mare
Eagle Mount Tenure: 2018
Ownership Status: Owned

Bella is known as the biggest horse at Eagle Mount, she is just in the smallest body. This fierce princess is a lover of all things edible and loves to go for walks. Bella loves to greet people and goes on therapeutic and educational visits, in addition to being in ground classes. While she has a big spirit, Bella Rose can also bring her energy down when needed and be a healing presence.


Nicknames: Butter, Butters
Born: 1998
Breed: Grade-Draft Cross
Color/Gender: Buckskin Mare
Eagle Mount Tenure: May 2023
Ownership Status: Owned

Buttermilk is a lovely older gal who loves to be brushed. She became top mare rather quickly and adores her grain times. Affectionately called Butters, she has grown on several people in her short time at Eagle Mount.


Registered Name: Providence Wynsten Casey
Born: May 25, 2015
Breed: French Canadian
Color/Gender: Chesnut Mare
Eagle Mount Tenure: 2022
Ownership Status: Owned

Casey is a spirited lass with the ability to crawl. She can be chill in classes (sometimes too chill) but is able to bring it up when she wants to do so. Casey enjoys eating food and standing up for herself (with the other horses) when she deems it necessary. Casey enjoys a good curry brush and being admired.


Nicknames: Charles
Born: 2011
Breed: Tennessee Walker
Color/Gender: Sorrel Gelding
Eagle Mount Tenure: 2022
Ownership Status: Owned

Charlie is a fun loving, smooth walking dude. He knows how to have a good time with his buddies in his free time. Charlie has become a go-to horse for certain riders. He might still be working on manners during graining, but we love him anyways!


Registered Name: Banshee Frost
Nicknames: Char, Charchar, Charlotta
Born: May 20th, 2015
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Color/Gender: Chesnut Mare
Eagle Mount Tenure: 2019
Ownership Status: Owned

Charlotte may not be the perfect riding horse with the issues she has, but she is very empathic which has led to several participants forming bonds with her. Charlotte’s favorite pastimes include running around like a maniac and playing with whatever she thinks is entertaining. She loves getting massages and can become quite insistent. Char is a pro at kicking the soccer ball and has a characteristic sigh that is all her own.


Registered Name: Copper Penny
Nicknames: Cops, Coppertox
Born: July 24, 2006
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Color/Gender: Red Roan Gelding
Eagle Mount Tenure: 2019
Ownership Status: Owned

It can take a special person to love Copper, but he does amazing for those that do. Like many horses at Eagle Mount, Copper has some special needs that we have learned to manage. Copper is a very sweet boy and absolutely loves to play with his friends. He has become a reliable go-to for his understanding riders.


Registered Name: Chrome Cobalt
Nicknames: Guapacito, Guapinator 5000, Guaps
Born: June 18, 2016
Breed: Gypsy Vanner X Paint
Color/Gender: Chocolate Silver Dapple Gelding
Eagle Mount Tenure: June 2022
Ownership Status: Owned

Guapo is a horse filled to the brim with personality. His shenanigans bring joy to all that see him. Like most horses at Eagle Mount, Guapo has his niche. He prefers to go slow and makes his riders work a bit. He will be a valuable asset in the barn as he gets more training for his job. Guapo adores playing with his best friend, Sabbath the percheron, and many other of his pasture mates. Anything that they can pick up in their mouths is fair game to play with!


Registered Name: Janie’s Gotta Gun
Nicknames: Janie-jo, Janie girl
Born: March 24th, 2005
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Color/Gender: Sorrel Mare
Eagle Mount Tenure: July 2022
Ownership Status: Owned

While Janie may be a hardworking Eagle Mount horse by day, she moonlights as an athletic dancing game horse. Janie is a proper lady that’s not afraid to do the dirty work. She has high standards and thus demands a special rider that will work as a team with her. Don’t let her dainty looks and calm demeanor fool you- she is a lean, mean, fighting machine! Janie also loves a good massage and down time with her mares.


Lenny’s biography coming soon!


Nicknames: My My
Born: March 10, 2007
Breed: Breeding Stock Paint
Color/Gender: Sorrel Mare
Eagle Mount Tenure: April 2019
Ownership Status: Leased

Mya absolutely loves morning snacks so much that she can hardly contain herself- but she is a good girl and does her best! Mya enjoys massages for her tight muscles, stretching her legs, and even playing with the soccer ball! Mya is deeply offended by bubbles but likes sniffing the cats. She loves being with her mares.


Registered Name: AMHR 109014A Montana Trails End Pocahontas
Nicknames: Pokey, Pokaloo, Pokananimous
Born: May 1st, 1999
Breed: American Miniature Horse
Color/Gender: Grey Mare
Eagle Mount Tenure: 2005
Ownership Status: Owned

Pocahontas has spent the majority of her life at Eagle Mount. She currently has the longest reign of over 15 years! This little queen loves snack times, walks, and being brushed. She is still our go to horse for introducing potential participants to horses. She is the sweetest horse on property, but she still has the pizzazz and spunk of a younger horse. Pokey has commonly appeared at occasions as a unicorn, Pegasus, or sometimes both! Her soft nicker is music to our hearts. After losing her right eye at the end of 2022, Pokey is also our little one-eyed wonder.


Registered Name: BR Peaches’n Crème
Nicknames: Pops, Popaloo, Poppacita
Born: October 11, 2014
Breed: Miniature Mediterranean Donkey
Color/Gender: Gray & White Spotted Jennet
Eagle Mount Tenure: May 2018
Ownership Status: Owned

Poppy can be shy but opens up with scratches! Poppy will sidestep up to you so you can scratch her favorite itchy spots! Poppy’s best friend is Pocahontas. Poppy is bravest with friends, but not so sure of everything by herself. Poppy loves to roll in the arena, and then gallop around like she is made of springs. We love our Popaloo and can always identify which bray is hers at meal times.


Registered Name: Back Rhoades Black Sabbath
Born: March 26, 2016
Breed: Percheron
Color/Gender: Black Gelding
Eagle Mount Tenure: August 2022
Ownership Status: Leased

While Sabbath is the largest horse at Eagle Mount, he is also one of the most likely to want to crawl in your lap. This sweet doofus is a sensitive soul. He demands attention and absolutely adores his best friend, Guapo. Sabbath does play with other horses like Charlie, but Guapo is his favorite. Like Guapo, Sabbath loves picking things up with his mouth, especially his reins. Sabbath appreciates a more refined lifestyle that includes seat and leg aides, in addition to fruit roll ups!


Nicknames: Sweets
Born: ~2000
Breed: Donkey
Color/Gender: Dark Spotted Jenny
Eagle Mount Tenure: February 2020
Ownership Status: Owned

Sweetheart is a donkey that knows what she wants, when she wants. She hears footsteps vaguely heading her way, and she starts her chorus. Her brays are to the toon of “Don’t You Forget About ME”. Sweetheart isn’t afraid to head butt you for head scratches.


Registered Name: They Call Me Wilbur
Nicknames: Bur-bur
Born: May 30th, 2007
Breed: Appendix
Color/Gender: Dun Gelding
Eagle Mount Tenure: August 2019
Ownership Status: Owned

Wilbur is one of the bestest boys at Eagle Mount. While not a good fit for all riders, Wilbur has risen to the ranks of reliable. While he has good and bad days with his muscles, Wilbur always tries his hardest. Wilbur enjoys playtime with Copper in the arena, in addition to the other playful horses.